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Hey, hey, hey!!!! SUP?!  DAH-lene in the HOUSE!!!!!!!! Don't be stuck up with me or I'll make sure the place is all stunk up...

I went there, yes I did! I hope to see my pahty people at the Punk Fahm show!!!!

"Does this smell weird to you?"
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so.    incredibly.                                       rocking. so rocking.
the PF show was nuts! i saw them getting into their van after the show!!! Pig was giving out atographs and I nearly touched Chicken!
hey, have you seen my buddy rigiero? i think he got lost in the rock...
last night's show was aces all around!
I'm so so so so so so so so so so so so so psyched for tonight's show! See you there!!!!
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What's that smell? Was that you Darlene? EEEwwwww....
Hey Darlene, I'll call you back soon. I haven't been sleeping through the day lately...
You know I'll be att he PF show!!!!
Darlene, I'm lining up tonight to buy tickets. Wanna come with me?
Hey Darlene!!!! Holla back, girl!
the smell of my own stink
Beck, Air Supply