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I'm a beaver. I live in Maine. I like to party.

What more do you need to know?

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DePino, let's hang out again soon...
Hey DePino. I'll ask Topher. We haven't heard from him.
hey man, i didn't notice where rigiero went. i was busy looking through the trash. sorry man.
who needs to listen to hardcore anyhow? i think pf should add some horns. like musical horns, not like goat horns....
Um , you don't have extra tickets to the PF show, do you?
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the show wasn't that great. they're not hardcore enough for my taste.
pf. concert. tonight. rock.
Hey brotha' - the show is 2night!!!!!!!
Aw yeah - PF is in town!!!! OW! OW!
Oh - you know it! HA! Nice try, DePino!
making dams
Stone Temple Pilots, Space Hog