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Hero Rigiero here! All right, cool kids, who is ready to rock? I'm always game for a party, anytime, just let me know and I'll polish off my party shoes. But give me a heads up, these dams aren't going to build themselves. I'm a busy beaver!
"I'll be your hero!."

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the show.
but you.
took off?
donde esta?
mi amigo.
The dams miss you! They're not going to build themselves!
You know everyone has been looking for you, right?
Hey, I've looked through every trash can in this town. Still no sign of you!
Earth to Rigiero, where are you?
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Ratt, Poison
Hey RIgiero, DePino is looking for. Where'd you disappear to?
I think I saw Punk Farm driving around just now! I can't believe the concert is actually here!!!!
Hey man, I'm lgonna be late for work today. I'll be there ASAP!
Hey Rigiero, stop working on your dam, PF is coming to town!
working hard and playing hard