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Hi, I'm Tammy. I like to go out with the girls and shop in thrift stores. I work down at the beach at a tourist spot. My fave band is PF!!! They're playing near me soon and I CANNOT WAIT!!!! LOL!
"Word up!"
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Messages for Tammy
Hey Tammy, want to chill?
Wanna get together and dye our hair?
Tammenator! Rock on!
Tammy, why didn't you show up to the party?
My ears are still ringing after last night's show!!! I want to learn how to play bass, just like Goat!
Tammy, I've got my PF tickets!!!! Let's ROCK!
Tammy, you've got the coolest sense of style. How do you do it?!!!!
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Mates of State, Spoon
finding things no one else has.
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