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I believe in myself. I'm a pelican, not a pelican't.

A good day is perching myself on a dock, watching the waves crash and the tide flow...
"Sittin' at the dock of the bay..."
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Hey Roberta! You should come to the Mega Alpha Gata after party tonight!!!
Yo Roberta! Let's go chill on the dock.
So last night - Pig TOTALLY gave me his autograph! It was so kewl!
Hey Roberta, did you have fun at the show last night? Hope so! I had a blast! Sheep wailed into the microphone - I've never heard anything like it before!
I'm so ready for this concert! See you in a few...
Hey cool kid! Keep on keepin' on!!!
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Blink 182, Sum 41
watching barnicles grow
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