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I'm a pretty easy going dolphin. My BFF is Rosita & we swim together every single day. Since we were, like, babies! I love sunsets and my favorite place to see shows is the dock!
"I flip in the air like you flip pancakes!!"
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Hey Mel! I'm all about seeing Punk Farm again!
Last night's show was the awesomest! I have so many pics to show you!
Ha ha! I have been known to cut a rug!
AAAAw yeah - Melanie is in da house!!! See you at the PF show!
The new Punk Farm song speaks to me!
Punk Farm and all characters and images © 2007 Jarrett J. Krosoczka
Hey Mel - having another personal crisis over here. Wanna go get coffee?
All the cool kids will be at the Mega Alpha Gata PF concert after party. Be there!
Mel, are you going to that after party? I haven't decided yet...
Panic! At the Disco, Weezer
water stunts
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