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Hey boys and girls, my name is Ali  and I'm a bit of a party gator. But I know when I need to take things seriously. For real, man.

I joined a fraternity last year and I'm lovin' it so far. Mega Alpha Gata RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Everybody cut loose!!!!"
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Hey Bro - let's have an after party at our place after the PF show next week. You down?
Um, I don't know. Maybe I'll go.
Aw yeah! I'll be there for sure! You guys always have the best parties!!!
Is Gunner going to be there? Maybe...
Hey Ali, I had fun at your after party last night. Def let me know when you guys throw another!!! :)
Ali, You are like the best dancer I've ever seen!
Your party was the 2nd best thing about yesterday. The PF show being #1 of course...
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getting down with my bad self on the dance floor
Maroon 5
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