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My name is Marcy and I run this page for me and my boyfriend Topher. We will be together 4-ever, I know it! Isn't he the best? He loves me so much, he even got us tix to see our fave band of all time - Punk Farm. "Old MacDonald" is kind of like our song. Topher is learning how to play it on his guitar. He's going to be a famous musician someday, too - I know it!

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there was more rock than my ears knew what to do with!
explosive show, indeed!
AH! i saw you 2 love birds at last night's show!
last night's show was killer, but - have you seen my bud rigiero? he like, totally dissapeared after the show!
hey cous and cous-in-law! you guys down for tacos before the show?
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hello cute couple!
Girl, you're crazy!
being lovey dovey, holding hands, blowing kisses
Gym Class Heroes, Weezer, Via Audio