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Hey. My name is Erich. I'm an owl, living in the state of Maine. I sleep during the day. I'm a night owl, literally, I'm an owl and like most owls, I'm awake at night time. I'm working part time at a owlery here in town. Trying to figure out if I want to stay there or go somewhere else. Maybe move to a barn down south where it's warm or something. Message me when you can. Peace.
"Oakie Doakie"
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Hey little buddy! Thanks for a great time at the concert! Check you later!
Our ears are still ringing after last night's show!
PF show tonight, boi!!!!!!
Last night's show changed my little life!
Erich, I got your ticket for the PF concert! WHAT UP?!
DJ Shadow, Paul Van Dyk
Let's stay up all day and have a dance party soon....
Erich, I'll be by in a few minutes.
Yo Erich. R U gonna go to the PF show?
The Simpsons, sitcoms from the 80's