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My name iss Ssssally. I live in the desssssert and that'sss the way I like it. Nice and hot and dry. I can't ssstand the water. I'm going to see one of my favorite bands in a few weeks - Punk Farm! I'm ssstill holding out on a full out Whitesnake reunion. That would be the bessst!
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rattle snake
Hey Sally! Great to see you at the PF show!I'm holding a Pig fan club meeting next week if you're interested.
Hey Sally. Let's chill again soon. Did you get your copy of the new PF song yet?
What time are you getting to the show? Want to chill beforehand?
You're the coolest snake I know! Check you later!
First message, first message!!!!
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slithering, rattling
White Snake, Dolly Parton
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