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I'm one of those lizards who hates the water. I'm all about sun and sand - the desert, baby! Not to be confused with dessert, which I also love...
"Keep Austin Weird!!!"
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Texas horned lizard
You gotta' come over and sssee my picturesss from the ssshow sssometime sssoon!
You sure have a way with words, Natalie!
Hey Natalie, I hope my little bro isn't being a nuisance to you!
That PF show was nnnnnnnuts! Can you believe that PF even played here? Pig was out of control!!!! Did you see that speaker blow?
You're my favorite of all of my sister's friends! See you soon!
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Cartel, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
sand and sun
You bet I'm excited! I've known about the show for like eons now, because I'm on PF's mailing list...
Natalie, have you been down to the corral lately?
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