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Texas isn't just a state - it's a state of mind!!! I love my country, I love this Lone Star State!

I like to play football with my friends and when I can I head to the rodeo.

"Don't mess with Texas!"
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Messages for Justice
Friday Night Football, Rodeo clowns
Willie Nelson, Oakridge Boys
You betcha! The rodeo is coming soon, let's get tickets!!!
Hey Justice, we need to hanhg out more often!!!!
Justice - did you see the pics of the Punk Farm show? I can see you in the background waving the Texas flag! Woo-HOO!
Ew, whatever. You know PF depends on Pig. Sheep is overrated!
When are you going to let me play ball with you guys?!!
Punk Farm and all characters and images © 2007 Jarrett J. Krosoczka
PF! PF! PF! PF!!!!! I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!
I'm counting down the days until the big show!!!!!
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