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I appreciate honesty and loyalty in good friends. I look out for my little brother, he can be a little hyper sometimes. I'm taking him to see his first concert when PF comes through town! I can't even believe he's old enough to go see a show!!! Time goes by way too quickly!
"Keepin' it real"
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kangaroo rat
That show was incredible!!!! I'm still bouncing around! Thanks, sis!
Let's go tubing soon!
Did you see Cow smash his drums last night?! WHOA! Out of control!!!!
Hey Suzanne, I'm getting my nails done before the show. Want to come with?
Suzanne, did you see Pig on the cover of Spin Magazine?!! He's so cute!!!!
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NO WAY!!!! You're the coolest big sister EVER!!!!
going to see my fave bands live!
Modest Mouse, Fall out Boy!
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