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I don't let setbacks keep me back. I keep a positive attitude and I make things happen.

I'm known to be sarcastic. So take everything I say with a grain of salt. Boo-YA!
"Bring it on!!!!"
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Who rocked it? That's right! PUNK FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHM!
We've never seen so much rock in one place before!!! Cow went nuts on her drums, huh?!
DDDDDDDDDDDUDE! The show wouldn't have been the same without you!!!!
sheep. rocked it.
pig. rocked it.
cow. rocked it.
chicken. rocked it.
goat. rocked it.
Hey ya Craig! I'm psyched we'll be seeing PF play in a few hours!!!!!
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Yeah, I'll meet you at the show fo sure!
The PF show is tonight! See you there!
Craig-o-maniac! Oh yeah - PF will be in the hizouse!
Punk Farm just posted their tour dates!! They are starting their tour HERE!!! AAAHHH!!!!!
Hey Craig!!! What are you up this weekend?
skiing, getting into adventures, chocolate cake
Red Hot Chili Peppers, G Love & Special Sauce